Termite Inspections:               Identifying the absent and presence of wood destroying pests and organisms.

Termite Insects:                       Insects that consume wood.  These insects infest the framing in your home and compromise the integrity of the structure.  Termites cause more damage per year than floods, fires, earthquakes, and hurricanes combined.

Organisms:                              Microscopic organism which consumes the cellulose of wood members rendering them of no structural value commonly known as dry rot or Fungus.  Fungus spores untreated can remain dormant until moisture reoccurs for an indefinite period. Certain types of fungus in California can infest a structure. Deeming the structure unsafe for entry.

Fumigation:                              Fumigation is the only known method that 100% eradicates all dry wood termites including any unknown or unseen areas.

Pest:                                          Ants, roaches, spiders, silver fish, etc. can easily be controlled with periodic services for a comfortable living environment.  Rodents, and damages they cause can be mitigated with a comprehensive inspection and remediation. We also specialize in bee control.

Structural Repair:                         We specialize in identifying and correcting damages caused by termites, organisms, and pests. We are experts in matching all types of Victorian, Spanish colonial and craftsman type constructions.