Q: What is your real estate experience?
A:  More than 30 yrs experience. Closing escrows one at a time.
Q:  Do you subcontract work?
A:  We have no subcontractors.  We provide all services needed in house.
Q:  Can you meet escrow deadlines?
A:  Yes.  We will adjust times and schedules to accommodate all closing.
Q:  Do you paint?
A:  If agreed at time of authorization.  We will paint and color match.
Q:  How long do I have to be out of my property?
A:  Depends on type of treatment.  Most cases as little as four hours. 
Q:  Does Orange Oil work?
A:  Orange oil works as a local treatment only.  Orange oil is highly flammable.  There are many products we can                          
      provide that are not flammable and are more cost effective.
Q:  Can we be home when you treat my house with a chemical application?
A:  Itís advised that you leave the application site.
Q:  Warranty?
A:  We have the strongest and longest warranties in the business.
Q:  How long until I receive my report?
A:  Depends on the finding.  Usually you will receive the report within two business days or sooner upon request.
Q:  How much lead time do I need before a job?
A:  We can also get the job done to your deadlines; however some processes require certain time notification set by
       laws and public utility companies.
Q:  Control Service Policies?
A:  Control Service Policies are available and range from monthly to annually.
Q:  What areas do you cover?
A:  We cover Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Venture County, and Riverside County.
Q: Will you come out to my house on Saturday?
A:  We provide all of our services on Saturdays.  We only require that Saturday services are by appointment.
Q:  Do you price match?
A:  We will beat any competitorís written price.
Q:  What is the cost for an inspection?
A: Our inspections are free up to 4 units.  Nominal certification fee for escrow reports.